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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keyboard for a beginner?

This number relates to how many total keys – black and white – are on the keyboard. As the numbers suggest, the 61 key and 76 key keyboards are smaller than the standard full-size 88 key keyboard. An acoustic piano has 88 keys, so the best keyboard for beginners with weighted keys would be an 88 key keyboard.

What is the best cheap keyboard for gaming?

There is a dozen of affordable mechanical gaming keyboards out there, but the best cheap mechanical keyboard is the Eagletec KG010 with stunning value for its price. The keyboard is very ergonomic and comfortable as well as water resistant and durable.

What games help you type faster?

As the name suggests, Keyboard Ninja is the game you have to play to get faster and more efficient in typing, while enjoying yourself in the process! 5. Type-a-Balloon Another game with difficulty levels (hard, medium and easy) with multiple lesson types, incorporating the rows in a keyboard Type-a-Balloon is great practice for your typing.

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