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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best monitor for PS5 gaming?

In the budget category, the LG 32UL500-W is the best gaming monitor for PS5 that we've tested. With a large 32 inch screen and 4k resolution, it delivers very clear text and sharp images. Although you only get a 60Hz refresh rate with it, it's good enough for most 4k games that go up to 60fps, so most people should be happy with it.

Does the PS5 have a 4K monitor with HDMI?

The PS5 supports 4k content up to 120 fps with a HDMI 2.1 input, and there are only a few HDMI 2.1 monitors, you can still find a 4k @ 60Hz monitor with HDMI 2.0 support that would be great for gaming.

What is the best 32 inch monitor for gaming?

Overall, the LG 32UD99-W is the best 32 inch monitor for most people, but if you want to save a bit of money, the Dell U3219Q is a cheaper alternative that performs almost as well.

Should you buy a 32-inch 4K photo monitor?

This 32-inch 4K photo monitor is up a step or two in terms of both performance and usability, featuring an incredibly wide color gamut of 99% of the Adobe RGB color space and 95% of DCI-P3. If you’re in the cinematography or photography sphere, that’s exactly what you need. And, that’s on top of all the other features this monitor boasts.

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