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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E-Z Trench bedscaper?

The E-Z Trench Bedscaper bed edger features our patented blade design that reduces vibration and operator fatigue as well as zero-Turn steering; making creating tight tree rings and beautifully shaped beds fast and easy! The model BE400 Bedscaper is the premier landscape edger on the market today.

Why choose bedscapers?

Its unique design also augers soil towards the center of the bed out of the trench. You can create a beautiful raised bed in minutes. Bedscapers make creating or redefining beds fast and easy. MUST SHIP TRUCK. THIS UNIT CANNOT SHIP VIA UPS. HUGEfreight discounts! Call 855-203-2147 for your discounted rate!

What is the difference between the bedscaper be400 and the be400?

The Bedscaper BE400 bed edger has more power and the added durability of a centrifugal clutch that is bathed in oil. Depth adjustment is controlled at the handles as well as the throttle. The BE400 can also trench 7″ deep!

What is a bed Edger / trencher?

Bedscaper Bed Edger is a compact machine that landscapers use to define flower beds. Groundsaw trenchers can dig through tree roots and hard clay soils. The most maneuverable and precise bed edger / trencher on the market. The Groundsaw mini trenchers are great for digging a 13" deep trench with minimal turf disturbance.

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