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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a manual for a Uniden bct15 scanner?

How the Scanner’s Controls Are Represented in This Manual. The Uniden Bearcat BCT15X is the follow-up to Uniden’s premier analog mobile scanner, the manual for the radio is contained on a CD-ROM, in PDF format. View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities.

How to read the bct15-x scanner manual?

Easier to Read BCT15-X Scanner Manual. 1. Turn the scanner off. 2. Press & hold the number key that corresponds to the startup key when you turn the scanner on. 3. Continue holding the number key until the scanner display shows the number of the startup key configuration.

Is Uniden scanner hard to program?

Uniden has put out this fabulous scanner that will do a multitude of scanning achievement and you are here to find out how. This scanner is exceptionally harder to program for many (even seasoned programmers) because, there is no printed manual and the CD manual is too cluttered.

How do I back up a level on the bct15-x?

To back up a level, press MENU. To exit all menus press L/O or SCAN. Each of the knobs and keys on the BCT15-X produce several different results depending upon how you activate them. You can, for example, rotate the knobs as well as press them.

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