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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a BGS and a bccg card?

The value of a card in a PSA holder is usually greater than BGS. And BCCG is virtually unsellable IMO to someone who knows anything about TPG's. I'm asking because when I look at the pop report, some of the cards are BGS and some are BCCG. Looks like BGS gives the other numbers, corners, etc, whereas BCCG does not.

How many cards does it take to get a bccg 10 grade?

They submit 1000 cards to BGS with a minimum grade of 9.5 for the BGS slabs. The cards that are rejected are then sent to BCCG. Cards that meet the BCCG 10 requirements are then slabbed for a small fee, typically between $1-3 (based on the number of cards submitted).

Is bccg worth it for a cross over?

When you're looking to do a Cross Over, do not look at the grade of the card from the other company. Look at the card itself and decide for yourself if it should be worthy of submission. I will agree that BCCG is pretty worthless. BCCG graded cards do not often command premiums. I bought several Jordan 9's and 10's in BCCG.

Do you trust bccg grades?

They say it graded an 8! When an 8 in BCCG is actually the theoretical equivalent of a 5 in most legitimate scales. BGS is a legitimate grading service and for the most part I trust their grades. You will likely get no shortage of opinions on how inferior BGS is to PSA but I think generally they do a very good job with modern cards.

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