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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you see BCC in received email?

Adding that someone to either the “To:” or “Cc:” lines would be obvious: they’d be listed in the email that’s sent to the original recipient. BCC simply sends the email to someone without their name being on the email at all. That’s what “blind” is all about: you can’t see that they’ve been sent the email.

How do I use BCC in Yahoo Mail?

By Using Yahoo! Mail Log into your Yahoo! Mail account. Click on “Compose.” Click "Cc" on the right of the “To” line. Use Bcc. You have the option to use Bcc, which will hide the e-mail addresses for every recipient’s privacy. Type in the e-mail addresses of your desired recipients. Input an e-mail on the “To” line.

What is cc and BCC in Yahoo Mail?

Show the Bcc field in Yahoo Mail. By default, the Blind Carbon Copy field is hidden in a new Yahoo Mail email: only the To, Cc ("visible carbon copy"), and Subject text fields are visible. To show the Bcc field, look at the end of the To text field, Yahoo Mail displays a Show BCC link, with a "Add a BCC field for this message" tooltip.

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