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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BCBS have dental insurance?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance is the dental arm of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a national association consisting of several companies focused on health care reform.

What is the best dental plan for seniors?

As of 2015, the best dental plans for seniors include Delta Dental, Guardian, Ameritas and Metlife. These dental providers were ranked based on annual maximums, the number of dental providers in the network, premiums, savings and covered treatments. Those wishing to buy senior dental insurance should do so before dental emergencies arise.

What is Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance also offers a dental indemnity plan. The Dental Indemnity USA is an individual dental indemnity plan which is offered in certain states. The Dental Indemnity USA plan can provide dental care to a member, to the member’s spouse, and to the member’s children.

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