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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bc-8000 battery capacity tester used for?

The BC-8000 has been designed to provide the operator with accurate battery charging and capacity testing with ease of operation. The CF-1 Calibration Fixture is used to perform field calibration of all BC-XXXX series battery capacity testers and battery chargers.

Why choose BC group?

Upon start up, BC Group was formed as a sales and service organization to handle the test equipment needs of the biomedical engineering community.

What is the BC biomedical esu-2400?

One of BC Biomedical’s most memorable moments was the introduction of the ESU-2400 Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer at the 2009 AAMI Expo. The ESU-2400 was a groundbreaking new piece of equipment, shattering all previous limitations for high-end electrosurgery analyzers.

What is the best battery capacity tester?

The BC-6000 Battery Capacity Tester from Concorde. The BC-6000 is designed to accurately test and report on batteries ranging in capacity from 10AH - 50AH. Plugged into a a USB port, the BC-6000 will create test reports directly from your computer. Battery powered operation. No AC power required The BC-7000 Battery Capacity Tester from Concorde.

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