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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I place the probe on my BBQ?

15% OFF BBQ Accessories! Probe placement has always been an issue with BBQ cooks. We believe the most accurate place to set your pit probe is close to the food you are cooking. Many times there is not enough space on the cooking...

What is the BBQ Guru Guide?

Our ‘Guru Guide’ will help you find the control kit that’s right for your cooker! How Do Gurus Work? Find out how BBQ Guru controls revolutionize the way to make great BBQ. New To BBQ? Just getting started in the world of BBQ?

What are these eyelets for on my BBQ Guru procom4?

These eyelets make it easy to run BBQ Guru probes and/or wires into your cooker... Twin Probe Assembly (if you have purchased a ProCom4 after 1/1/10, please check to see what probe style you need before ordering) High quality thermocouple temperature probe assembly used with the BBQ Guru Competitor or older model...

How big is the pit probe?

8 Foot (2.4 meter) PIT Probe Fits UltraQ, DynaQ, PartyQ, NanoQ, DigiQ II, DigiQ DX, DigiQ DX2 and DigiQ DX3, CyberQ II, CyberQ Wifi, CyberQ Cloud and newer model ProCom4 controls. This probe will help measure your cooking temperature...

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