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Frequently Asked Questions

What smokers can I use with the BBQ Guru digiq?

A lot of homemade ugly drum smokers or adapted offset smokers will also work with the DigiQ. The most popular adapters are the Weber Smokey Mountain and the Big Green Egg. Make sure whichever version of the BBQ Guru DigiQ you buy will fit your smoker.

What is the BBQ Guru Guide?

Our ‘Guru Guide’ will help you find the control kit that’s right for your cooker! How Do Gurus Work? Find out how BBQ Guru controls revolutionize the way to make great BBQ. New To BBQ? Just getting started in the world of BBQ?

Why is my digiq dx2 so cold?

BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 Review One of the major problems with the cheaper BBQ temperature controllers is that if you open the lid it causes the inside of the pit to quickly get much colder. This causes the controller to speed up the fan and over stoke the fire. With the DigiQ this has been fixed with the open lid detection system.

What are these eyelets for on my BBQ Guru procom4?

These eyelets make it easy to run BBQ Guru probes and/or wires into your cooker... Twin Probe Assembly (if you have purchased a ProCom4 after 1/1/10, please check to see what probe style you need before ordering) High quality thermocouple temperature probe assembly used with the BBQ Guru Competitor or older model...

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