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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BBQ Guru Guide?

Our ‘Guru Guide’ will help you find the control kit that’s right for your cooker! How Do Gurus Work? Find out how BBQ Guru controls revolutionize the way to make great BBQ. New To BBQ? Just getting started in the world of BBQ?

What happened to the cyberq cloud BBQ temperature control?

The CyberQ Cloud BBQ Temperature Control Has Been Replaced with the Brand New Upgraded UltraQ BBQ Temperature Control. Found out more here.

How does the cyberq cloud work?

When the open lid detection feature is turned on, the CyberQ Cloud senses when there has been a heat disturbance and evaluates any sudden drop in temperatures. Recovery time is automatically adjusted quickly getting your grill back to the desired cooking temperature, eliminating unwanted temperature swings and potential temperatures spikes.

How many fan sizes does the cyberq cloud come with?

The CyberQ Cloud is available with 2 fan sizes and can power and control 2 fans simultaneously to effectively move air through the grill with an available fan splitter. The Pit Bull fan is best to power and control large grills and smokers. For very large smokers

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