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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any heaters that run on batteries?

Battery-run heaters include the 12-volt car battery heaters, hand and body warmers, space heaters and hybrid gas/battery heaters. These heaters provide an alternative source of heat.

Do they make battery operated heaters?

Yes, battery-operated heaters exist. They aren’t as popular as electric and gas heaters, which is why you’re perhaps bamboozled. Also, these heaters aren’t very powerful, which partly explains why they aren’t common. However, for emergencies, the portability of a battery-powered heater could be just what you need.

Do battery powered space heaters or emergency heaters exist?

Portable heaters that run on electricity are a common sight in households in cold climates. But, plugging in an electric space heater is not going to cut it once the power is down. Therefore, during emergency situations, a battery operated heater is far more useful.

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