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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capital of Bashkortostan Republic?

The capital city of Bashkortostan republic: Ufa. Bashkortostan Republic or simply Bashkiria is a federal subject of Russia named after the Bashkir people. Located between the Ural mountains and the Volga River, on the border of Europe and Asia, the region is part of the Volga Federal District. Ufa is the capital city of the republic.

What is the meaning of Bashkortostan?

Bashkortostan, also called Bashkiriya, republic in Russia, extending from the western slopes of the southern Ural Mountains in the east to the rolling hills of the Bugulma-Belebey Upland in the west. Bashkortostan: Mount YamantauMount Yamantau, Bashkortostan republic, Russia.Yamigos.

When was the Republic of Bashkortostan formed?

On 11 October 1990, the Supreme Soviet of the Republic adopted the declaration on state sovereignty of the Bashkir ASSR. On 25 February 1992, the Bashkir ASSR was renamed the Republic of Bashkortostan.

What to do in Bashkortostan?

World-renowned ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, as a child, was encouraged to dance in Bashkir folk performances, and began his dancing career in Ufa. Bashkir literature is the literary tradition of the Republic of Bashkortostan. [64] [65] [66] There are many museums in the Republic where you can get acquainted with the history of the region.

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