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Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of baseball is used in MLB?

For over 100 years, a stalwart brand used in Major League Baseball has been Louisville Slugger, the Official Bat of MLB.

What is the largest baseball field in MLB?

The biggest baseball field dimensions ever was the Braves Field in Boston, which used to be the home of the Boston Braves. The right and left field lines measured 402 feet down.

What are MLB stats?

Traditional player stats have been collected from the beginning of MLB history. These numbers tend to focus on a single element of an individual player's performance. When betting on baseball, they are useful in evaluating the situational performance of both individual players and entire teams.

What is OPS in MLB baseball?

In baseball, the meaning of OPS (On-base Plus Slugging) is the sum of On-base Percentage (OBP) and Slugging Average (SLG). It gives us a fair idea of a player's ability to get on base, as well as his power hitting.

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