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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betts the best player of this era?

The most general argument in his favor is this: Mike Trout is the best player of this era; Betts is the second best, and it’s not even close.

Is Betts a Hof right fielder?

First, it makes sense that Betts is below the average HOF right fielder for career WAR, considering he’s played only eight seasons and WAR is a cumulative stat. That’s expected. The average career length of the 28 HOF right fielders is 18 seasons. And yet, his 50.

Did you know Mookie Betts'2018 batting average was 2nd-best ever?

Proj. Did you know that Mookie Betts 's .346 Batting Average in 2018 was the 2nd-best ever by a player in a 30/30 season? Subscribe to Stathead, the set of tools used by the pros, to unearth this and other interesting factoids.

How many World Series titles does Betts have?

Betts has won two World Series titles, an MVP award, a batting title, five Gold Gloves and four Silver Sluggers. A five-time All-Star, he’s only 29 years old and is signed with the Dodgers through 2032, his age-39 season. He could easily double all of these accolades by the time that deal is up.

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