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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BABIP Tell Me?

BABIP is important because the frequency with which a player gets a hit on a ball in play or allows a hit on a ball in play is very telling.

What is the most important stat in baseball?

wRC+ Weighted runs created is a good overall measure of a player's hitting. ... OPS+ On Base % Plus Slugging % (OPS) was an early advanced stat for hitting, but its use in sabermetric research has waned with the advent of wRC+ and wOBA, ... FIP and x-FIP These defense independent pitching stats are used by Fangraphs. ... More items...

What is batting practice (BP) in baseball?

This term is used to describe when a team is hitting well against a pitcher or team during a live game, and they'll describe it as batting practice since they're hitting and seeing the ball with ease. Batting practice is often called BP. How Early Is Batting Practice Before A Game?

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