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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of baseball cards?

The two best baseball card brand is Topps, while Fleer is a close second. Upper Deck isn't a good card brand yet because it isn't as old or well valued to card shops as Topps is. The best cards are Topps Chrome. They are a little more expensive but you will get more true collectible superstar baseball cards in every pack.

What is the most expensive baseball card?

In 1933, the card was first listed at a price value of US$50 in Jefferson Burdick's The American Card Catalog, making it the most expensive baseball card in the world at the time. The most famous T206 Honus Wagner is the "Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner" card.

What is the most valuable baseball card?

Mint Mantles are among the most valuable baseball cards you can own. With cards from this era being frequently damaged, securing this card in good condition could be a windfall. Of course, securing it will cost you a windfall as well.

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