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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of baseball caps?

Variations. There are 3 major types of baseball caps: Snapback hat - (hat with a snap closure in the rear) with flat brim, high profile, adjustable. Adjustable hat - unstructured, low profile, curved brim, adjustable. Fitted hat - curved or flat brim, structured cap, high profile, not adjustable.

Why do men wear baseball caps?

Outside of wearing them while playing sports or out in the sun, the rules around baseball caps are as follows: Young guys wear them because they are self conscious and thinks it helps them hide away. Middle aged guys wear them because they think it makes them look better - hiding hair loss, coming across “cooler” etc.

How do you draw a baseball cap?

To draw a baseball cap worn backwards, draw the brim going down the back of the neck. To make the bill look curved, keep the top of the brim straight and curve the bottom line that connects it from the body of the hat to the front of the brim. Draw a Trapper Hat without the fur. Draw the head and neck of a boy.

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