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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the town of Barrydale?

Barrydale is a village located on the border of the Overberg and Klein Karoo regions of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. Named after Joseph Barry, a well known merchant of the 19th century it is situated at the northern end of the Tradouw's pass which winds its way through the mountains to Swellendam .

What is the weather like in the Barrydale area?

Barrydale has a temperate climate of warm, dry summers with averages of 25°C occasionally up to 35°C, and mild, wet winters when the temperature occasionally dips to around -1°C accompanied by light frosts. The warm temperate climate is perfect for the growth of various fruit trees with numerous orchards on the fertile soils of the Tradouw Valley.

Why is Barrydale a tourist hot spot?

Barrydale is a uniquely small town situated on the border of the Overberg and the Klein Karoo. The locals of this charming village broadly smiled as we stepped out and started taking images of their town; it’s clear to see why Barrydale is a tourist hot spot – surrounded by historic orchards and vineyards, sheep, and dairy farms.

What kind of accommodation does Barrydale offer?

We feature a range of places to stay to suit all travel needs and budgets. The Barrydale accommodation search facility is easy to use and you can make your accommodation booking online or request a quote from your chosen venues. Barrydale accommodation establishments include self-catering, B&Bs, guest houses and hotels.

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