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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Bank of America Online?

Sign Up for Online Banking. Open your Web browser and go to the Bank of America Online Banking Enrollment page. Select the state where you opened your Bank of America account, then select the type of account you have. Enter your credit card number if you selected "I have a Bank of America Credit Card," then enter your ZIP code.

Does Bank of America have online banking?

If you're a Bank of America credit card account customer enrolled in Online Banking, you can sign in to Online Banking or use the Mobile Banking app to view your FICO® Score.

Is Bank of America a real bank?

The (Real) Bank of America. That bank, of course, is the United States government—the real bank of America—and it’s unlike any other bank. For starters, its goal is not profit, although it is profitable on paper, and its loans are supposed to help its borrowers rather than its shareholders, better known as taxpayers.

Can I set up a Bank of America account online?

Log on to the state Bank of America website Enter your online ID and passcode in the box that is red the left-hand part of the property web page to register to your online account Open your charge card account Click on Information and Services

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