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Frequently Asked Questions

Can put a picture on my desktop background?

Set a photo as your background (the long way) Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Personalize on the pop-up menu. ... The Settings app appears on the screen with the Background section selected by default. ... Click the Browse button to open File Explorer. Locate the picture you want as a background and then select Choose Picture. More items...

How do you change desktop background pictures?

Step 1: Right-click on desktop to reveal the context menu and then click Personalize option to open Personalization section of Settings app. Step 2: Here, on the right-side, you can see the preview of the current desktop background. To change the wallpaper, under Background drop-down menu, select Picture option.

How do I get desktop background images?

To get a desktop background (wallpaper), click Get it now, right-click the image, and then click Set as background. You can also use a desktop background as your lock screen or your Start screen background.

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