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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an employer request a background check on a minor?

Yes, employers may request a background check on a minor applicant and, at times, may be required to conduct such background checks, by law. However, employers must be aware that certain requirements and restrictions exist for background checks on minors.

Can GroupOne background screening conduct background checks on minors?

GroupOne Background Screening has often been asked if we can conduct background checks on minors. Is it legal? Usually the answer is “Yes,” but there are many elements to consider before performing such checks. In order to conduct a background check on a minor, you must always have parental or a legal guardian’s consent.

Can employers access a minor's criminal record?

Even though a minor’s parent or legal guardian may consent to a background check, an employer may not be able to obtain all records requested due to regulatory restrictions. Employers will not be able to access a minor’s sealed criminal record.

What age is considered a minor in the US?

The United States generally considers a minor as any individual under the age of 18. Outside of the U.S., most countries consider minors between the ages of 14 and 21. A detailed chart of minority ages in other countries can be accessed here:

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