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Frequently Asked Questions

Which states do not require background checks?

NOT ALL STATES REQUIRE BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR ALL GUN TRANSFERS. AND NOT ALL BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE EQUAL. Deaths from gun homicides and suicides decline only when background checks are part of a purchaser licensing system. Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut are

Do I need a background check if I buy a gun at a gun show?

Background checks are only required if you purchase a gun through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), which includes retailers (anyone from Walmart to mom and pop shops) and some individuals. You do not need to undergo a background check if you buy a gun online, through a gun show, or through some private sales.

Are background checks required to buy a gun?

You do not need to undergo a background check if you buy a gun through some private sales. You can check the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to see FFLs in your state. Many states also have additional laws about gun background checks, so be sure to check them before purchasing a gun.

Do all states require gun background checks?

Originally Answered: Do all states in the United States require background checks to when purchasing a firearm? No, 9 States and Washington DC require state background checks. [1] However the Federal Government requires background checks on all guns purchased through Federal Firearms Licenses, This includes guns shows and internet sales.

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