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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy cheap Disneyland tickets?

Where can I find cheap Disneyland tickets? You can find 2-Day or longer Disneyland ticket discounts through authorized ticket sellers that are available to the general public. You may have certain memberships that offer cheap tickets such as Costco or AAA. Alternatively, some guests may qualify for a military discount or resident discount, too.

What is the average cost of a Disneyland trip?

There are two main parks in Disneyland, we have the Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure. A 1 to 2 day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket will cost you around $149 to $235 for one person but if you plan to stay for 3 days or more, they also offer a multi-day bonus ticket for the price range of $283 to $346.

How much do Disneyland Annual passes cost?

Walt Disney World Annual Pass. Ages 3+. $ 1,299.00. Na USD. before tax. Get Details. Theme Park Tickets 1 Park Per Day or Park Hopper Options. Ages 10 +. Starting from.

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