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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Augsburg Fortress Publishing do?

1 hours ago Augsburg Fortress is the third largest Protestant church-owned publishing house in the United States. Augsburg Fortress provides educational materials, music, books, ecclesiastical arts, electronic worship resources, computer products and other resources for congregations and non-church markets.

Who wrote the original Augsburg Fortress?

Augsburg Fortress is delighted to republish this beautiful SAB anthem, originally published in 1979, by Undine Smith Moore with inspiring poetry of Howard A. Walter. A new must-have collection of sacred choral music that is easy and accessible to the smaller, less accomplished choir—yet substantial and interesting...

Is Fortress Press owned by the Lutheran Church?

1 hours ago Augsburg Publishing of Minneapolis and Fortress Press of Philadelphia will unite to become the $55 million-a-year publishing arm of the new Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Augsburg, the larger and richer of the two houses, belongs to the Minneapolis-based American Lutheran Church.

What's in the Augsburg organ library?

The Augsburg Organ Library collection reflects the twentieth-century renewal of the organ and its music. This volume contains 45 pieces to enhance your Advent season. Includes the revised psalm texts, refrains, psalm tones, and keyboard accompaniments from Evangelical Lutheran Worship for Year C.

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