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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of AUF in German?

The meaning of "auf" in German. on, near, during. The preposition auf forms part of the group of prepositions that can be used in the accusative or dative, depending on the context.

Who is Abu Auf?

Abu Auf performed in a number of unforgettable films, and series," said Zaki. The award is open every two years and covers the fields of Science and Technology (ST) and Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS), according to the AUF. In 2000 he began work on reviving the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet series, this time for the BBC.

How do you use über and AUF in German?

Auf is used with dative if the circumstantial complement of place implies location (without movement) Auf is used with the accusative if the circumstantial complement of place implies direction (with movement) If there were no contact, über would be used.

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