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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find local auctions?

What Methods Can I Use to Find Used Car Auctions Near Me?Search Engines/Business Directory Websites. You can start by doing a quick Google search of used car auctions within your area. ...Government Sites. You can find a list of surplus and public auction sites of every state here or you can directly ask your local chamber of commerce.Car Dealer Magazines. ...Local newspapers. ...

How to buy livestock at an auction?

Contact a marketing agent and ask about the prices and market trends.Supply relevant information about the quality and classification, gestation status, weight and reserve price of your livestock.Make a reservation for the sale of your stock on the appointed date.Ensure that all your livestock have legal identification marks.More items...

How to buy a car at the auction?

How to Buy Cars at Auction. Buying a used car is generally a very involved process. First, you have to decide what kind of car you want, then how much you can afford to pay and then where to buy it. Usually, when you buy a used car, the main options are buying through a private party or at a car dealer.

How to buy from auction?

Buyers should register their interest with the agent and ask to be informed if another buyer makes an offer before the auction date.Auction bids are open so you know what everyone else is bidding. ...If you win an auction, you are committed to purchase the property. ...The auctioneer will not reveal the reserve price.

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