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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write an attendance note?

– During the interview, write down the basic facts about your client (full name, address, telephone number, NHS number, etc.) and their matter on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to your attendance note. Congratulations!

How to start word with a specific template?

How to start Word with a specific template. Open Word the usual way. In the template selection view, select the template you want and click Create. For example, Blog Post. When Word opened your document, click Save As and select Word Template in the Save as type drop-down box. Path should change automatically to your Custom Office Templates ...

Is it mandatory to sign attendance register?

maintainance of attendance register is quite mandatory though a manual register or a system operated register is optional. irresective of the pay and designation,every employee is supposed to sign or swipe their access cards to maintain their attendance record and even the leave maintainance.

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