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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best AT&T wireless deals?

Probably the best AT&T deal this week for Android users on a budget is the carrier's latest promotion on the Google Pixel 6a, which is available for just $1 per month with a new unlimited plan.

What are the benefits of AT&T wireless deals?

AT&T deals are especially good if you're adding new lines, trading in, or switching carriers. With these offers, you can often save hundreds of dollars of the retail price of a new phone, and sometimes you can even get the phone for free.

Are there any discounts on AT&T wireless plans?

Teachers, healthcare workers, military personnel, veterans, and first responders can save an additional $8 per line with AT&T's special discounts. If you're an employee at an eligible company or student of an eligible school or college you may be entitled to AT&T's Signature program.

How much do AT&T wireless plans cost?

AT&T's Unlimited Starter is the cheapest of AT&T's unlimited plans and a great choice for those on a budget. If you get a four-line family plan, you'll only have to pay $35/month per line; a single line costs $65 a month.

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