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Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup att Internet?

Set up your device in an area with a strong wireless signal (four full bars). Turn your device on. Unplug your phone from the wall jack and plug it into the back of the device. Place a test call from your connected home phone. Be sure to include the area code. Connect to the internet (requires an AT&T Wireless Internet data plan).

How is AT&T Internet installed?

Here's how to set up your AT&T connection: Connect one end of the green data cable to the green broadband port on your gateway. Connect the other end to the AT&T Broadband jack in your wall. Connect the black power cord to the back of your gateway, and plug it into an electrical outlet. Wait for the AT&T Gateway to power up. ... More items...

Does att have wireless internet?

Wireless Internet uses the AT&T mobile network. You can connect up to 20 enabled devices, like tablets, smartphones, and laptops, to your Wireless Internet device. Looking for more info? Have questions about your Wireless service?

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