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Frequently Asked Questions

Does att offer high speed internet?

High-speed internet: AT&T internet plans offer fast upload and download speeds, but speeds vary so you'll need to check coverage in your area. Data caps: All AT&T internet deals with 10-100 Mbps have a 1TB data cap, but you can pay extra for unlimited. However, AT&T fiber plans are unlimited so there is no data cap.

Does AT&T still offer landline phone service?

The wireless giant also offers traditional landlines for its residential customers. AT&T home phone service is available as a standalone or bundled with internet services and/or TV. Spectrum Landline Call to order now: (888) 511-4264

Does att offer senior discounts?

The answer to it is a big Yes! AT&T does give Senior Discounts for people who fall under the age bracket of 55 and 65 above. As of now, the company has introduced two new ways of Senior Discount to enable you to save a few pennies on your phone bill each month.

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