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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an infusion in the Atlanta area?

Winship patients have access to access to a full range of outpatient infusion and injection services at five different ambulatory infusion centers conveniently located across the metro Atlanta area.

What is an ambulatory infusion center?

The ambulatory infusion centers at Winship Cancer Institute are where patients are able to receive chemotherapy or other medications intravenously under the care of an experienced oncology infusion clinical team.

Why Atlanta cancer care and Northside Hospital?

Our team at Atlanta Cancer Care understands that cancer changes everything. That is why dedication, compassion, hope, and healing are much more than just words to us at Atlanta Cancer Care and Northside Hospital.

How is chemotherapy administered at Northside Hospital infusion centers?

At Northside Hospital Infusion Centers, chemotherapy is dispensed on an outpatient basis by registered nurses (RNs) certified in chemotherapy administration, who also provide ongoing physical assessments. Hormone Therapy - When cancer arises in areas of the body such as the breast or prostate, its growth may be caused by hormones.

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