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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cranial nerve has 3 branches?

The trigeminal nerve is one of most important cranial nerves. It has three branches namely ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular. Each branch connects nerves from the brain to the different parts of the face. The main function of the trigeminal nerve is to provide sensations to mouth, teeth, face and the nasal cavity.

What are the eight cranial nerves?

The vestibulocochlear nerves, cranial nerve VIII, are the eighth pair of cranial nerves and are numbered with the Roman numeral VIII. They are sensory nerves that run from the brain stem between the base of the brain (pons) and the spinal cord in an area known as the medulla oblongata.

How do you test for cranial nerve VII?

Nerve: Acoustic ( VIII ) To test your patient’s hearing by bone conduction, place the vibrating 256-Hertz fork against his or her right mastoid process. Your patient should hear the tone immediately. Ask him or her to tell you when she no longer hears the tone. Note the length of time she heard the tone.

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