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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the arrow symbol represent?

The symbol is extended in a number of ways. Arrows could represent the ability of the higher spirits to travel wide and fast. They could also represent the ability of a person to free his or her spirits and travel far and wide across the galaxy in his dreams. This ability to aspire, that is, “soar” to the heavens, is a particularly strong symbolism.

What does an arrow represent?

An arrow has three parts – the arrowhead, the shaft and the fletchings. The shaft is the body of the arrow which holds the arrowhead and the fletchings on either end. Arrows are traditionally considered a symbol of Native Americans. For Native Americans, the arrow was a tool for hunting and for protection. It symbolized the sustenance of life.

What does the arrow of Dodona symbolize?

The Arrow of Dodona is an arrow that Apollo found in the Grove of Dodona. The arrow has an oak shaft and green fletching. The Arrow speaks to Apollo in an Elizabethan accent and gives answers to Apollo. The answers are not prophetic, though they vary from how to make a plague arrow to giving driving directions to the Cave of Trophonius .

What is the spiritual meaning of an arrow?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Arrows? Arrows can symbolize a lightning strike from the heavens. The more popular interpretations usually revolve around the quality of the arrow when shot from a bow or crossbow – traveling at great speed outward or upward.

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