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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the arows-R system down for maintenance?

.:: AROWS-R - Maintenance ::. The AROWS-R system is down for Maintenance. We will be back shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you require further assistance please contact the AROWS-R help desk.

What is the heading for AFI 65-103?

(T-1). 8 AFI 65-103 15 AUGUST 2019 3.1.6. Heading. For the publishing headquarters, include: DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE; complete unit designation; MAJCOM of assignment, abbreviated in parentheses; mailing address; type of order (Routine, Permissive, etc. as explained in below sections) number of the order; and the date order is published.

What is AFI 16-1301?

Military members must, and civilians and dependents may, familiarize themselves with AFI 16-1301, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Program, for training and education measures necessary to support the Code of Conduct based on location of duty or nature of duty performed (T-1). 22 AFI 65-103 15 AUGUST 2019

What does AFI 36-815 Chapter 8 say?

The order must state travel is at the employee's request (T-1). AFI 36-815 Chapter 8, includes provisions for authorizing excused absences for which the employee is considered to be in a duty status. 46 AFI 65-103 15 AUGUST 2019

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