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Frequently Asked Questions

What does QY mean on a claim?

QY/QK Modifier The usage of the QY modifier, when billed on a claim, means that the Anesthesiologist Medically directed 1 CRNA. Billing of this modifier would result in a 50% reimbursement.

What is fluorescence quantum yield (QY)?

Fluorescence Quantum Yield. The fluorescence quantum yield (QY) of a dye is the fraction of photons absorbed resulting in emission of fluorescence. It can be shown that this definition leads to. where k f is the fluorescence rate constant and k i denotes the rate constants of all the decay processes from the first excited state of the fluorophore.

How do I set up the QY calculation?

Activate the 'Quantum yield table' toggle button in the toolbar. This will activate a table for the automatic calculation of QY's. 2. The table can either be edited manually or you can press the 'QY assistance' button located above the table to automate the process.

Why do my quantum yields show a tendency towards lower Qys?

If the calculated QYs show a tendency, e.g. decreasing towards lower excitation wavelengths, this is likely because the absorbance baseline is not perfect. The a|e freeware provides a shortcut for calculating quantum yields of multiple samples at multiple excitation wavelengths. 1. Activate the 'Quantum yield table' toggle button in the toolbar.

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