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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an army ignited account?

Go to www.ArmyIgnitED.comand click Get Started. Click Create an Account to start the process of creating your account. Enter the email address that you want associated with the account then, click Submit. Note:Choose Create an account with the Email address and Password fields not populated.

How does armyignited work with ETP Ta requests?

ArmyIgnitED will begin generating ETP TA requests once most EIs have been able to upload their course enrollment files to ArmyIgnitEd. The ETP TA requests will route to your Army Education Center’s ArmyIgnitED queue for review and approval. Soldiers and EIs will receive notification through ArmyIgnitED after a course has been approved for TA.

What if I have issues setting up my armyignited account?

If you have issues setting up your ArmyIgnitED account, visit or contact the Stuttgart Army Education Center at Panzer, bldg 2915, room 408. DSN Ph: 314-596-2684 / CML Ph: 09641-70-596-2684 or

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