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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the teams selected for the area code baseball games?

The Area Code MLB teams will use the tryouts to select their final team that makes it out to the Area Code Baseball Games. The Area Code Underclass teams will be selected from those tryouts as well as from a few of the underclass-specific tryouts on the schedule.

How much does it cost to attend the tryouts?

A: The tryouts and the Area Code Baseball Games are free to attend for the athlete. The only costs incurred by the player are his own travel expenses to the regional tryouts and to the Games in Long Beach, California and Underclass Games in Compton, California.

When and where are the 2019 area code games?

WHEN: The 2019 Area Code Games will be held Monday, August 5th through Friday, August 9th. WHERE: Blair Field, Long Beach, California. COST: The Area Code Games presented by New Balance are free for athletes to attend.

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