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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AR a good thing or a bad thing?

AR and VR are being used by businesses to improve productivity and safety in the logistics industry. Augmented reality (especially through use of smart glasses) can help new employees navigate a large warehouse and learn where to stock goods. Like in the manufacturing industry, virtual reality can be used to practice safety procedures.

What are the benefits of using AR?

AR opens up new ways for your devices to be helpful throughout your day by letting you experience digital content in the same way you experience the world. It lets you search things visually, simply by pointing your camera at them. It can put answers right where your questions are by overlaying visual, immersive content on top of your real world.

What is the difference between an AR and an Assault Rifle?

"AR stands for Armalite Rifles, the name of the company that designed the rifle in the 1950s." Contrary to what some believe, AR-15 rifles are not military-grade or fully-automatic. Nor does the "AR" stand for assault rifle.

What are the different meanings of AR?

The meaning of “AR” (as in the AR-15 or AR-10 rifles) has been the subject of much debate for a long time. Some folks say it means “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” Some of this confusion is due to ignorance and some is due to a desire to spread deliberate misinformation by gun control advocates. Instead, the AR stands for “ ArmaLite Rifle .”

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