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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between aqí and Aquí in Spanish?

In Valencian systems, ahí rather than aquí is used for the second grade while aquí is used for the first grade alongside ací in various northern and southern dialects. “aquí” in Diccionari de la llengua catalana, segona edició, Institut d’Estudis Catalans.

What is Aqui-s ®?

AQUI-S® New Zealand Ltd: AQUI-S ® is a private New Zealand based company. The company strives to provide humane and cost effective products that encourage aquaculture and fish health. For more information about AQUI-S ® go to their website. For information about dosage, use the “AQUI-S 20E ® Calculator”:

What is the meaning of the Portuguese word Aqui?

to be (negative). From Old Portuguese aqui, from Vulgar Latin *accum hīc, from a variant of Latin eccum (“here!, look!”) + hīc (“here”) . Aqui à beira do rio / Sossego sem ter razão. / Este seu correr vazio / Figura, anônimo e frio, / A vida vivida em vão.

What is Aqui Cal-Mex?

Aqui Cal-Mex • Natural, Wild, Organic • Local, Seasonal, Fresh IngredientsAqui Cal-Mex | Natural, Wild, Organic Real food with California, Mexico & Southwest influences using local, seasonal, fresh ingredients.

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