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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some natural freshwater aquarium aquascape design ideas?

Some natural freshwater aquarium aquascape design ideas include recreating terrestrial hillsides, mountaintops, and valleys, while advanced aquascapes might include a jungle or tropical island motif. Many natural aquascapes avoid using an aquarium backdrop so you can see into the tank in any direction. 17 Ideas for Aquascaping Your Tank

What are the best aquarium decor ideas?

Roman columns, the Parthenon, funny signs, the classic treasure chest or underwater diver that does double duty as a bubbler, small replica bridges, sunken ships, replica battleships, you name it. The amount of available aquarium decor is vast.

What can I plant in a small aquarium?

For a small or nano tank you can choose a few simple plants and a moss ball or two. By varying your substrate you can create streams or rivers in the bottom of your tank, or plant a few sticks and cover them with Java Moss to mimic trees! A single colorful plant or lily bulb would really stand out in this type of tank.

How do I Make my Aquarium look natural?

There are many backdrops and aquarium plant designs you can follow to create a specific natural look, or you can go crazy and introduce other interesting elements into your tank. You could tuck a castle decoration on a mountaintop or crash a UFO into your substrate for fun.

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