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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aquaphor safe for babies?

Zinc oxide and petroleum are both safe ingredients to look for in diaper cream. Aquaphor is a good option, as is Promise Organic Baby, which makes a diaper rash cream with zinc oxide and has added oatmeal, a naturally gentle and soothing ingredient.

Is there a difference between Aquaphor and baby Aquaphor?

Here are the main differences between the two products: Aquaphor regular ointment doesn’t contain panthenol and bisabolol, while baby Aquaphor contains both ingredients. Baby Aquaphor is better for diaper rashes, while regular Aquaphor is best for dry and cracked skin. Regular Aquaphor is available in a spray version but Baby Aquaphor is not.

Does Aquaphor help baby acne?

This product can help soothe and heal a rash on a baby’s face, adds Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich. 3. ReducesThe Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles Aquaphor may help hydrate skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles . However, it may not be able to prevent them.

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