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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I Have Questions about Aqua finance?

Please contact Aqua Finance if you have questions about your loan terms, rates, payoffs, and standard payments. They can be reached at 800.356.3329. Am I required to use my Connexus savings account?

How do I contact Aqua customer service?

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted by an Aqua Customer Service Representative. You may also reach Aqua Customer Service via phone by calling our toll-free number at 877.987.2782.

How do I pay my Aqua loan online?

Payments can be made online at To get started, you’ll need your Aqua Finance account number and the enrollment token from the bottom left corner of your Aqua loan statement. In addition, payments can be made by calling 800.356.3329, or can be mailed to the following address: Who do I contact if I have questions about my loan?

Why choose Aqua finance?

We’re here to approve more loans for more credit grades. Flexible financing and custom designed programs to help close the sale. Aqua Finance adds more to life with simple payment plans and financing programs that consumers can afford.

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