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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find all the information about AppWorks?

In this installment of AppWorks tips we are going to give the ultimate overview of where all the information about AppWorks can be found. Most of the information can be found on the internet. Sometimes open for free and sometimes you need to login with credentials or do a registration. We’ll cover it all. Let’s get right into it…

What is the AppWorks process suite API?

That is the Process Suite API. This ‘Process Suite’ is the old name of the currently known ‘low-code AppWorks platform’ we will start using. The API information is still valid for our purpose. The Blogs part has more blogs about the Gateway and the SDK.

What is the difference between 'AppWorks' and ' OTDs'?

The ‘AppWorks platform’ only has the platform included and the software package for ‘AppWorks’ has also that same platform, but also includes the O pen T ext D irectory S ervice. This OTDS product is the LDAP spider in the OpenText service web which makes ‘ S ingle S ign O n’ much easier on all the OpenText products.

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