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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppWorks?

AppWorks Code Completion is based on semantic and code analysis, completely local execution, ensure code security; millisecond response, smooth coding! AppWorks provides materials and visual consumption materials to improve the development efficiency of universal applications.

What is the difference between 'AppWorks' and ' OTDs'?

The ‘AppWorks platform’ only has the platform included and the software package for ‘AppWorks’ has also that same platform, but also includes the O pen T ext D irectory S ervice. This OTDS product is the LDAP spider in the OpenText service web which makes ‘ S ingle S ign O n’ much easier on all the OpenText products.

Where can I find the SDK information for AppWorks?

Make sure you look primarily for ‘AppWorks Platform’ to get to the correct information. Looking for ‘AppWorks Gateway’ will bring you to the already mentioned mobile app SDK information. You can also find valuable information when you just look for ‘AppWorks’. AppWorks Discussion forum is available for getting answers and ask your questions

What are the functions of AppWorks Intelli code?

AppWorks Intelli Code currently provides functions: Code Completion and Code Information. In the process of code writing, AppWorks Intelli Code can automatically predict the developer's programming intention and continuously recommend "the next code to be written" to the developer.

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