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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AppWorks platform?

AppWorks provides pre-built building blocks for common application elements such as lists, dashboards, navigation, forms, and so on. In addition, the platform includes accelerators designed to speed development of specific digital business automation use cases such as dynamic case management.

What is OpenText AppWorks™ low code application development?

The low-code application development platform in OpenText™ AppWorks™ gives business owners and subject matter experts a direct role in developing digital business automation.

Why work with AppWorks consulting?

Working with us means that you will have a detailed oriented, efficient team of experts to convert your IT problems into an actionable plan. We use experience, tested procedures, and quality tools to ensure the work runs smoothly from beginning to end. Learn More © APPWORKS CONSULTING.

Why chooseappworks school?

AppWorks School aims to provide the most practical training for those who are determined to become a software developer. Among our 142 graduates, 127 of them became software engineers and joined Internet Companies like KKBOX, 91APP, Tagtoo, Line TV, UDN Shopping, WeMo Scooter, Gogoro to start their promising career.

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