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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Netflix app?

Using the Windows 8 App Open the Start screen. Open the Netflix app. Search for Netflix if you can't find it. Open the Charms bar in the Netflix app. Tap or click the "Settings" button. Select "Sign out.". Confirm that you want to sign out.

How do you get apps on Netflix?

Open the Netflix app. Once the app is installed or updated, tap the Open button in the app store or tap the Netflix app on your Home screen or app list. Sign in with your Netflix account (if necessary). If you've just installed the app for the first time, you'll need to log in with your Netflix account.

How do I install Netflix on my PC?

How can i install netflix on my computer Click the Windows "Start" button. 2 Click "All Programs" and "Windows Media Center.". Press the "Down" arrow to scroll to "TV.". Click the check box next to it. 4 Click "Internet TV" and "Install." Wait for the Internet TV program to install. 5 Scroll through the Internet TV listings.

Where is my Netflix app?

Being a Microsoft store application, just like any other store app, Netflix stores everything it downloads inside a special folder within the Windows System drive. That is, inside your C drive. If you’ve installed the operating system in some other driver, then the Netflix saves the downloads in that drive.

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