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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adjective for appreciated?

approving, admiring, appreciative, applauding, commendatory, favourable, respectful, acclamatory, acclaiming, approbatory, commending, complimentary, congratulatory, esteeming, favorable, flattering, friendly, good, positive, praising, rapturous, encomiastic, eulogistic, laudatory, panegyrical, sympathetic, thanking, acknowledging appreciation, giving thanks, realising, realizing, understanding, apprehending, comprehending, discerning, finding, grasping, knowing, perceiving, recognising ...

Do we say greatly appreciated?

We use the phrase "greatly appreciated" as an alternative way of thanking someone or expressing gratitude towards someone for something they've done for you, such as a kind gesture or favor. "Greatly appreciated" is a simplified way of saying something such as, "Your gesture was greatly appreciated."

What is another word for "much appreciated"?

Synonyms for 'Much appreciated'. Best synonyms for 'much appreciated' are 'greatly appreciated', 'highly appreciated' and 'highly valued'.

What are synonyms for appreciation?

Synonyms for appreciation. a feeling of deference, approval, and liking. Synonyms. account. admiration. consideration. esteem. estimation.

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