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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Winter Banana apples taste like?

Winter Banana apples are described as having a taste that resembles the combination of a banana and a pineapple, mixed with traditional apple tastes. It gives off a subtle and sweet tropical aroma combined with a tangy and juicy texture when you take a bite.

What do bananas taste like?

To those of you in less tropical climes, such variety seems like sheer madness and something to look for when you visit. What all bananas have in common is a fairly starchy texture, a mildly sweet flavor as compared to other tropical fruits, and the wonderful ability to keep ripening after they've been plucked...

What is an apple banana?

But if you've had bananas in Southeast Asia or Hawaii, you may have run into a banana that's shorter and tarter, less sweet and perfume-y: an apple banana. In the age of pink pineapples and pluots, that might sound like the newest fad hybrid fruit, a cross between an apple and a banana.

What fruits are similar to bananas?

There are a number of fruits similar to bananas. Plantains are so similar to bananas that they are often mistaken for them. Unlike bananas, plantains are very low in sugar and have a starchy taste.

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