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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an Apigee data source?

Create the Apigee Data Source in Appsheet to create a connection to Apigee In the My Account page, open the Sources tab and click on the " + Data Source " button. Name your new Data Source and select " Apigee ". There are two options to connect to Apigee - Manual and OpenAPI Spec.

How do I test the connection to the Apigee API?

Note: This Manual method of configuration for the Data Source is READ-ONLY (GET operations only) Once the connection information is filled in, you can test the connection to Apigee. Clicking on the " Test Connection " button will make a GET call to all the {Apigee API Base Path}/ {API Resource Path} paths to verify access.

How does the security filter for Apigee data source work in AppSheet?

AppSheet’s security filter for the Apigee Data Source will be passed down to the API via these query parameters using the scheme (RHS-Colon or LHS-Brackets) as specified in the OpenAPI Spec. The operators supported are shown in the following table.

How do I enable pagination in Apigee?

Pagination To enable pagination for your API, the open API spec must specify a “x-pagination” extension for the GET ALL operation as an extension. The Apigee data source supports offset based and cursor based pagination directives.

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